Payroll At The Click Of A Mouse!

Nobody really wants masses of paperwork building up on their desk, least of all payroll professionals, accountants and the clients they serve. Fortunately, with advances in technology, payroll is now able to be managed at the click of a mouse, meaning no more stacks of paperwork or fiddling with fax machines. Internet based payroll management applications enable employers to control payroll hours and employee changes in real time, without even having to download any software. Read on to know more:

Just how easy is this new form of payroll?

Even if you’re barely competent with a computer, you would be able to use this instant form of payroll, and extensive guides help to answer any questions that you might have are available. Additionally, there is a customer support helpline to administer guidance and instructions.

How secure is it?

There are multiple modern security features embedded within the system to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of client’s payroll details, and once their security has been defined, the system can be accessed and updated at any time. They system is made available for pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What can you do with an instant payroll system?

This inventive and state of the art application gives users the ability to maintain employee records, make changes to rates of pay, begin set up’s for new intake, input payroll hours and dollars, perform manual payroll checks, along with many other features. Online calculators also enable users to figure out gross-to-net checks at the touch of a button, any time of the day or night. They’re also a great addition to employee time tracking software, which can calculate billable hours on every project for more accurate payroll.

Employers will enjoy the benefits of having a lot more control over payroll and will be able to make use of extensive number of earnings and deductions fields, speedy pay check entry, easy access to flexible labor distribution options, and employee benefit programs to name but a few.

Access to payroll in real time:

When employers make changes to payroll using the new, online payroll system, the professionals hired to manage and process these changes can see them instantly and a comprehensive statement is available online for preview within a matter of seconds. Payroll professionals can also preview a payroll register to make sure that the data is accurate before submission.

Printable management reports:

The online application has an extensive range of printable management reports that employers can access quickly, and easily. They can view a 12 month’s check history for each employee, along with department and division summaries, reports pertaining to workers compensation, fiscal year reporting and many more.

The system can even be used to give employers access to the payroll data they require whenever they want and from any browser, irrespective of whether the application is being used to report and manage payroll.

Traditional forms of payroll are of course still available for those who aren’t quite ready for online applications, and a quick phone call to a qualified payroll professional will help you better establish which form of payroll management would best suit you and your business.

Jennifer Winget

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