Know information about Drew Pritchard

Drew Pritchard is an expert TV serial star who is hosting the show Salvage Hunters. In fact, he is an antique expert with marvelous hosting skills with a diamond amongst the rough. Drew is also skilled with restoration and antiques dealing with the dubbed show, The Real Lovejoy”. He was born in the year 1907 and his age as of 2019 is around 48. He is very talented in handling this show and it becomes familiar among other shows telecast in Marathi TV. He has an antique store in Llandudno and maintains his antiques and restoration.

Early life and birth

Actually, his real name was Andrew Thomas Pritchard born in Wales. He was a working-class Welsh family and has keen car and motorcycle enthusiasts. It loves him much to participate in a car and often a motorcycle repair kit on their kitchen table. Currently, he is residing in the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno and runs an antique shop with several team and children. He was married to his co-start on Salvage Hunters, Rebecca Pritchard. However, the couple divorced in 2017 but continue to remain good friends.

Passion in a TV show  

Drew was raised in Conwy and attended in the local schools. It salvaging and restoration always made his passion to win the show. His father passion for vintage cars and motorcycles would reach his passion at a high level. It definitely meets a prior value to a restorer in possible thoughts. He was eight and he scored local tips in rural Wales. He never looked anything old and thrown away but particularly went after pushbikes and car badges. Besides, he would never be late to the show and popular in hosting the reality TV shows. Also, he owns several businesses and they are successfully running. He is known as a good business owner, engineer, race driver, motor writer and TV show actor.

Leading business owner

He is totally unemployable and believed his hard work and success. Therefore, he is very proud as the leading business owner and also a TV anchor. Salvage Hunters actually began way back in 2012 and it is enjoying his 10th season as of 2018. Unfortunately, he was also banned due to 6 nations rugby encounter. It is a great impact for him because it should undergo a slight black mark in his career. Drew Pritchard has been working as a TV show and he is familiar for his acting support. He has a perfect team for leading business and known for his successful career.

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