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PA recruitment is a more daunting task because of the sensitivity attached to this office. It is not only an ethically strict job revolving around keeping company secrets but also the gate way to the company’s topmost employees. With such facts put into consideration, the process needs a clear road map for acquisition and preparation of first class professionals for the task.

Factors to Consider when Outsourcing PA Services

  • The intensity and scope of the role – if the services rendered touches on the core management of the company, then experience and background checks are a must. This is the reserve of human resource agencies specializing in secretarial and personal assistants.
  • Duration of service – if a company needs full-time services, then it is advisable to hire a professional human resource company to help in searching, vetting and recommending people who fit the role. If it is a short time job, then the services of a PA agency can be requested. The agency will provide and train the people for the duration of need.
  • The sector/industry of the company – the role of a personal assistant is to keep the diary of the presumptive manager and have an understanding of the core business of the company. The role requires the PA to have the prerequisite operations knowledge besides the basic clerical duties. Such skills can best be handled by the internal mechanism.
  • Workstation – PA recruitment jobs should be given to native HR agencies. They have a deep understanding of the people, educational standards and cultural diversity of the local population.

The PA recruitment agencies London offers are exceptional, thanks to the numerous recruitment and training agencies within the metropolis. The Main Group are well versed with the industry and have facilities and equipment to prepare their recruits to outstanding professionals.

Jennifer Winget

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