Improving incident reporting: Getting the power of technology

Managing big businesses, especially those that are engaged in practical on-field industries, is often a gigantean task. Things like workplace safety, premise security and compliance are aspects that cannot be ignored, and that’s exactly where the concept of incident reporting becomes even more relevant. Despite the best efforts and considerable security measures, things are bound to go wrong at some point. Think of regular issues like break-in, or something as serious like a worker accident – these are things that can influence a business in many ways.

It is necessary to generate reports, take corrective and preventive action where necessary, and document each activity.  Incident reporting previously was just about manual reports, which were further validated by audit reports. With technology, things have changed, and here’s what you need to know.

What is incident reporting software?

As the name indicates, an incident reporting software basically helps in recording incidences and gets rid of the manual work that’s usually involved for such tasks. The idea is simple – no two businesses work in the same way, and even those within the same industry may have different nature of operations, so why should inspection reports look the same? Incident reporting systems like 1st Incident reporting software have changed things for businesses in many ways, allowing them to have complete control on their business incidents and the response to each.

Why invest in such software?

Simply because you don’t want to go for manual work. Keep in mind that every business is subject to audits, and as such, the reports will be viewed. Even if you keep the regulatory and compliance requirements aside, you can expect to get incident reports that will only help in managing your business better. For example, if a worker has fallen on a slipper floor because there was no signage around the area, the incident report will mention all the details through the inputs, and you can put a signage to prevent such accidents.

Incident reporting systems are now better than ever. You can expect to get considerable support from software providers. The best ones allow on-field teams to record data on the field and in areas where there is no connectivity, and each incidence can be validated with the help of evidence, which can be in audio, image and other formats. If you want to choose one, make sure that you have checked all the features and how things can be customized.

Jennifer Winget

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