Is mesh flooring suitable for an industrial workplace?

Open mesh flooringIS suitable for industrial applications. You need metal mesh flooring if you work in an industry that is potentially dangerous.

There are many benefits to using metal mesh flooring, one being that Guardrail Group fabricates mesh flooring to size, suiting your needs and requirements specifically. Here are a few other reasons why open mesh flooring is appropriate for industrial uses:

Elevated platforms.

Elevated platforms require open mesh flooring to provide extra safety. Due to the flooring being slip resistant, it’s the safest option to enable stability. Not only does the durability of the open mesh flooring make it especially useful for platforms on raised levels, it allows you to receive excellent value for money. The metal mesh flooring is perfect for the workplace, designed to have a long lasting lifespan.

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In industrial factories and warehouses, health and safety should be the main priority. When working in an industry that produces sediments of waste and where spillages are likely, you could benefit from stainless steel flooring! The stainless steel flooring will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself, as well as preventing damage to the workplace and products!

The rugged durability of the metal mesh flooring is particularly hard-wearing, catering for the needs of your industrial business. The size of mesh flooring can vary naturally, it merely depends on the size and shape of your warehouse. Guardrail Group can fabricate the metal mesh to cater for your individual business requirements, so don’t hesitate to speak to an expert today.


These are widely accessible by an array of people; therefore, it’s suggested that you use open mesh flooring if you want to reduce the risk of injury. If the conditions are particularly harsh, you need stainless steel flooring– it’s affordable and durable, making it a suitable option for your industry.

Guardrail Group disregards the “one size fits all approach”, as they are aware that every environment is different and requires specific sizes, hence why all their metal mesh flooring is made to order. Guardrail Engineering can make your walkways safe and able to withstand extreme conditions.

Fire escapes.

How accessible is your fire exit?

When evacuating a burning building, it’s inevitable that you want your employees to be able to escape in the safest way possible and with open mesh flooring, Guardrail Engineering can put your mind at rest. They accommodate for your industrial needs and make the environment a safer place for everyone.

Mesh flooring is evidently a useful option for industries, especially if you want the workplace to offer optimal protection, without compromising the professional appearance of the workplace environment.

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