7 Top Precautions To Take While Importing A Boat To Australia

A seemingly complex process like importing a boat to Australia can be easy and uncomplicated if you provide all the necessary documents and prepare the boat properly before shipping. As there are a number of things to remember, you better do a complete research and make a checklist to avoid missing anything.

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1. Get a Marine Survey or Pre-purchase Report

A boat is not a cheap thing that you can buy everyday and just throw away if it doesn’t happen to be good. The most important step while importing a boat is making sure the boat is just what was described in the advertisement.

It’s recommended to use this opportunity to have even the details for shipping whereby you can get an exact landed price, since often the information from the sellers are incorrect and can raise your shipping cost.

It’s the most important that the dimensions are accurate to know the exact shipping price as the price depends on the space occupied by your boat. The dimensions should include the overall dimensions including cradle, trailer, guide poles (can be detached), outboard motors, swim platforms, T tops and so on. Also a photo should be taken of the trailer compliance sticker/plate showing the GVWR & VIN #

2. Boat with a Trailer

You cannot import boats having trailers to Australia without getting first a Trailer Import Permit which takes 21 days for processing. Your shipping company can obtain the import permit for you if the trailer’s GVWR (ATM) is less than 4500 kg.

Without a trailer import permit, your boat and trailer will be held at port and will keep incurring storage charges. If you are unable to prove the trailer’s GVWR, it will be destroyed.

3. Cradle in Case of No Trailer

If your boat doesn’t have a trailer, it should have a steel or ISPM15 compliant timber cradle, based on your hull’s design. Cradle compliance will save you from fumigation fees upon arrival and unloading boat in Australia.

Image Courtesy: marineautodepot.com.au

4. Know Your Shipping Price

Before you make the final payment, you must get the total shipping price from your shipping company with the dimensions confirmed from the surveyor and also make them verify the documents for the trailer permit application.

5. Produce a Bill for Sale

Whether you bought your boat or already own it, you should have an invoice, receipt or bill of sale to produce at customs for the import customs clearance. You will be also requested by customs to give a proof of bank transfer for the price paid; hence you should make sure the figure on the documentation is right.

If you own the boat for some time and its value has now dropped, an alternative for you is to evaluate the boat and that will lessen the Import taxes applied in Australia.

6. Provide Valid Identification

Providing a photo ID like the photo page in a passport or a driver’s license is necessary to get export clearance from the USA for example and even for your import permit application.

7. Make Sure to Clean Your Boat Through and Through

Cleaning your boat completely is very important. Power wash and remove dirt on the trailer and barnacles, algae and other organic debris from the hull. Vacuum or wash leaves or dirt from engine bay, hatch and everywhere else on the boat’s inner side.

Quarantine look for seeds, insects, leaves and plant materials and if some dirt is found, your boat will be sent for quarantine cleaning again the cost of which will have to be paid by you.

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