Why Pearls Jewelry is Regaining Widespread Popularity?

Natural pearls were once more expensive than diamonds. There is growing demand for pearl pendant necklace, engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. It is expected that pearl jewelry can appreciate significantly in value in the near future. If you already have a jewelry business or are looking to set up one, there are many reasons to consider the surge in demand for pearls. It is worth considering that the famous La Peregrina pearl that gained popularity during the 16th century and later gained Hollywood fame, was worth over $11 million.

A Strong Comeback

Pearl jewelry continues to be making a major comeback over the past few years.

  • Both cultured and natural pearls have repetitively been featured in high-end jewelry pieces by major fashion brands
  • As pollution in the oceans increases, more people are valuing natural pearls
  • Pearls have gained more and more popularity with collectors because of their rarity

Even auction records show the surge in demand for natural pearls.

The Cultured Pearls Trend

Cultured pearls were invented in the early 1980s. while it ushered in a new era in the world of pearls, natural pearls were still the preferred choice of the royalty and collectors. Today, the masses have rediscovered the preciousness and rarity that natural pearls imbibe. Setting up a jewelry business with both cultured and natural pearls can set just the right balance required for you to reach different niche markets.

Innovative Designs

The rising interest for pearl jewelry from all around has resulted in the creation of vibrant, modern designs. In fact, you can see changes in the entire jewelry industry based on cues from the concepts being introduced in this niche segment. The modern consumer expects creativity and wants to go beyond reproducing existing jewelry pieces. Since, each pearl is different from another one; more customers are finding greater value in these jewelry items.

Pearls have timeless femininity and aesthetic value to them. It appeals to women of all ages, from all over the world. And as a jewelry business, you can always leverage these factors to your advantage.

Jennifer Winget

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