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Is UFX a scam or not? There are traders out there who claim that they have been scammed by UFX and there are other traders out there who claim that the UFX Forex Trading Platform is 100{d3062e890491164f57c6904b8479001d983f92b5c4945b7299991e4d3367f513} legitimate and that they have made trading profits using the platform. So, who is telling the truth and who is lying? Before you jump to any conclusions, here are some of the findings we made when we attempted to ascertain whether UFX is a scam or not.

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The first logical thing to do when trying to ascertain if something is a scam or not is to find out if the business is being operated legally and if it is regulated by any authority body. Research reveals that UFX is in fact regulated since 2011 by MIFID. In fact, the organization also received recognition for its high ethical standards, customer protection and security of funds by Belize’s International Financial Services Commission. The UFX trading platform was founded in 2007 and is touted as a leading broker in the forex industry. Being regulated, the operation is held under a high level of scrutiny and must meet certain requirements that protect investors against unethical trading practices.

There are some that claim that they have not been able to get their money back from UFX. However, it must be noted that forex trading is very high risk and there is absolutely no guarantee that capital will be preserved or that a positive investment return will be made. UFX makes it very clear on their landing page that trading is risky and can result in loss of capital. All forex traders should accept that there are possibilities for losses and so should not invest more than they can afford to lose.

Our conclusion is that the UFX trading platform is legitimate.

Jennifer Winget

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