Three of the Best Directories for Sharing Infographics

If you want to turn your text content to a visual masterpiece, infographics is obviously your best bet. Graphics are more attractive than text contents. They can help you increase your audience in a very short while, especially when the graphic is very enticing.

One of the reasons people prefer reading infographics is the maximum impact within a short time. As an audience, you will easily comprehend an infographics more than a 2000 word content with similar content.

But the problem most marketers face is not even how to generate the infographics. The main problem is the best place to put them up. While some will always settle for their websites, others will favor social media sites. However, have you ever thought about infographic directories? Yes, these are placers specially meant for your infographics.  You can take advantage of these directories by listing your infographics with them. But you need to list with the popular ones – those that will deliver. These infographic directories are the top 3 places you can get your infographics listed and draw lots of traffic.

Reddit Infographics

Reddit is still going stronger as one of the biggest online communities. It is not really a social network, but a place where registered users and visitor can get lots of information on different topics.  Reddit is also a main infographics directory. To submit you infographic, you need to register with them and log in.


Slideshare was recently bought by LinkedIn. But the site is still the largest infosharing site when it comes to powerpoint presentation. You could get different types of resources on a wide range of niches there. It is also a place for submission of infographic. All you need to do is open a free account with them and start submitting your infographics. You can attach the file as JPG or PDF and upload. Remember to share after uploading.

This may not be as popular as the other two above, but is one of the biggest image sharing sites on the internet. It’s particular interest on images alone even makes it perfect for infographics. Submitting your files here is also easy. Once you have created an account with them, you can start uploading your infographics immediately.

Other notable mentions

Apart from the above three, there are other top directories where you can submit your infographics. We will explain some of them that came close with the above in terms of popularity.

Fast Company Infographic

Fast company has a section known as “Infographics of the day”. Here, people send Infographics to the site and some are selected and featured for the day. It is a great way to promote your Infographics when you are just starting out online. When you get picked, your Infographic will be features, which will give you more exposure.

Mashable Infographics

This is also another excellent directory for those looking to list their infographics for more exposure. However, it does not deal only on infographics. The site covers a wide range of niches, including business, entertainment, and technology. Just like Fast Company Infographics, Mashable features infographics sometimes on their site. So, it’s also a great place to submit your visual content.

Where to Submit Your Top Infographics

With so many different places to submit your infographics on these internet these days, it’s not just about where you submit, but also how often. Take the time to check out each of these directory and submission sites above, and then commit to at least one or two unique submissions per week.

Jennifer Winget

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