Singapore Success – How To Make The Best Impression At Your Next Meeting

We all know what a bad meeting looks like and perhaps some of us have even led a meeting that went badly. This is normal and an essential part of learning the ropes of the business world. The trick is to learn from your mistakes and strive to host a better meeting next time. You will only get better with practice.

However, to speed up the process and assist those who struggle with putting on a productive meeting, here we have assembled some essential tips that can help you turn things around. Whether you need assistance with booking premium meeting rooms or if you need help with some of the basics of Singaporean business etiquette, we have catered this advice towards improving your ability to impress at your next meeting.

Let’s look at some tips and advice on how you can make the best impression at your next meeting.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Choosing an effective location for a productive meeting can help you to get things rolling smoothly. Nothing starts a meeting off on the wrong foot more than having half of your audience late to attend or absent because they could not find the room. Make sure that you choose to hold important meetings in recognisable and easy to access locations. Ideally, your meeting site should be reachable by a variety of transportation methods to accommodate everyone.

To give a great first impression, consider renting a meeting room from one of the country’s premium meeting room rental providers. The best rental providers know that the prestige of a building can have a large effect on the work that is done within its walls. They choose only the most recognisable and significant buildings to house their rental office spaces. Your clients and fellow team members will certainly be impressed to join in your meeting if the location is inspiring.

Consider The Equipment

One of the biggest blunders to make when putting on a meeting is to not properly test your audiovisual or other electronic equipment before the meeting starts. Technical difficulties can completely derail an otherwise well-prepared meeting. They can also give the impression to your audience that you are incompetent or otherwise unreliable.

Choosing a premium meeting room rental service can ensure that all of the equipment you need for your presentation will be available and ready to go when you need it. By including the latest and most up-to-date technology in the rental price, you can be sure that your audience will be focusing on your message rather than on you trying to sort out what is going wrong with the projector.

If the worst should happen, it can also be a good idea to know that your meeting room provider has IT support ready and able to help you solve any glitches with your equipment. Even if things go wrong, you will still be able to make a good first impression by being prepared. 

Singaporean Business Etiquette

Beyond the practical details of the meeting room and equipment themselves, make sure to educate yourself on the basics of Singaporean business etiquette. Ultimately, first impressions come down to the first face-to-face introduction and the country’s business culture has some unique characteristics to be aware of in this regard.

For example, be prepared to exchange large volumes of business cards with just about every business contact you make. There is something of a ritual behind this exchange, so learn a little more about it before your Singaporean business meetings. 

Meeting Success

By following this advice and choosing a reliable provider of meeting room space is all you need to set the stage for a great first impression. Be prepared and knowledgeable about what you want to communicate, and you are sure to impress. The rest is just practice.

Jennifer Winget

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