Mobile Ordering Features are Here to Stay

Whenever we start to talk about technology, we always must revert to the past. We must always remember to look back and see how far we have come to truly appreciate, the journey that got us where we are today. Technology has always been a beast that is made up of fast moving innovative parts. It is up to us to participate to a degree, to keep up with the changes. We must also remember to participate with the changes in technology if we want to ever benefit from ground breaking work. We at least owe it that, I mean the entire purpose of technology in general, is to make something easier for its users (us), and then to save them money by its usage. If you ask me, technology is a pretty good deal for us, and all it asks is for our participation. 

Technology has its ups and downs just like anything else, but for business owners, it can really be a lifesaving tool. There is such an array of tech tools to choose from, that finding one to fit your needs can be a matter of just doing a simple online search. As a business myself, I know for me, I’m always looking for someone or something to help me to get the everyday projects that I must do, done faster and more efficiently. For me, more efficiently equates to “cheaper”. Anything that helps you either save money or time is to me, considered a tool. 

In the online world of business, we have a lot of different tools at our disposal. Some of them are hard to understand how to use, others are very simple. There is an app that is making some waves in the online tech world, especially in the “tech tool” category, mobi4. 

Mobi4 is featured by an online company that has engineered different ways to find solutions for wholesalers, in their everyday quest that they call life. In general, there is nothing complicated about business. Mobi4, one of many Mobile ordering features, helps the everyday ordinary business owner better achieve his tasks in a more efficient manner. 

Mobi4 creates a platform for both, business owners and their customers to use interactively. It allows the business owner to save money, by not having to hire employees to manage and fulfill orders. It also allows the business owner to customize it to fit his company according to its needs. 

1. Showcases products 
2. Keeps a history of all orders 
3. Notifies users of stock and creates super lists 
4. It’s user friendly and has offline ordering 
5. It has shelf tag printing and an account receivable 
6. Takes credit payments 

This is a tool that all business owner should have, and all customers should have the option of using. The cost doesn’t compare to the usual payroll and it’s lowering of overhead makes it an almost impossible tool to say no too. With mobi4, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Jennifer Winget

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