Media kits: What are they and what should theyto include?

Media kits (or press kits) contain valuable information about your brand that journalists and media outlets can use to write their stories. They can be given as a stand-alone item at a launch but most often accompany a media release to provide further facts, stats and background to the story, the brand and the spokesperson. and reach out for interviews. They are mainly used at events and product launches as a package of information, resources and marketing materials that journalists can use.

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What should your media kit contain?

Media kits are often sent out with story pitches to journalists but can also be found on a brand’s website for easy access. The contents of a media kit will vary for each brand however, there are a few basic materials that should be included. These are:

  • Contact details: a media or PR contact is essential, so that journalists can reach out for interviews or other images and materials they need to produce a story. 
  • Information and facts about the brand: you should include a succinct bio of your brand along with other interesting information a journalist could use. Testimonials are also good to include along with any recent positive news coverage.
  • A media release: whether it be an event or new product launch, a media release can clearly outline all the necessary details for a journalist to use to produce a story. It will also include quotes from key spokespeople that are available for interview. Alternatively, you may want to provide a media alert to call journalists to your event or launch for interview and media opportunities.
  • ImagesVisual assets: media kits are commonly digital, so it’ is easy to provide journalists with high-res images and videos to make their job easier. You should also include any brand logos and head shots of spokespeople.

How should you send out your media kit?

Before sending your media kit, spend time researching media outlets and journalists to find ones that are most likely to cover your story. This will be more successful than reaching out to all media at once. Personalising your reach out with emails and phone calls can help you make a connection with the journalist you are trying to reach. Once you have created relationships with journalists, they can reach out to you for any stories they need. 

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