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Moving from California to Kentucky will not be disappointing as you will be experiencing a land of an amazing collection of attractions with beautiful parks, mysterious forests, natural lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and caves. Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State and is popular for tobacco farms, breeding horses, fine bourbon, and of course, the Kentucky derby.

The state is bordered by seven states ranging from the Midwest and the Southeast. Towards the northeast is West Virginia, Virginia in the east, Tennessee in the south, and Missouri in the west. Illinois is in the northwest and Ohio is in the north.

There are many things to take care of while moving out from California. You can have your home stuff shifted through movers and carriers. However, if you own a car then you would probably not want to leave it behind. Hiring a professional auto transport service will ensure that your prized possession reaches Kentucky safely and on time.

Hiring a reliable vehicle shipping company

You can rely on Ship A Car, Inc., the best auto shipping company that delivers the best service for those who are relocating their vehicles. They have direct access to the largest network of professional and dedicated carriers. The company puts its experience to work for its clients and their vehicle by always providing affordable, reliable, and hassle-free nationwide vehicle and freight transportation services.

They have been working with shippers for more than a decade with profound experience and knowledge in the transportation industry to provide you with the best service. Call them for direct transport service to or from any residential or business location in the city for shipping your vehicle from California to Kentucky.

Duration to ship your car from California to Kentucky

The approximate distance between Kentucky from California is 2,300 miles and the estimated transit time is 4 to 6 days. This transit period is keeping in mind that standard carriers usually travel an average of 500 miles in a day.

Pick up and delivering of your car

When you hire a professional auto transport company for shipping your vehicle to Kentucky, you can rest assured that your car is picked up from your location and delivered to the destination safely. The driver will get your car delivered to the nearest point of your door as near as he can get both legally and safely.

Some cities may have restrictions on huge carriers that prohibit them from driving into residential areas. Auto transport carriers are quite big and they need enough space to turn and move around. Hence, if your pick-up and delivery location are restricted by narrow lanes, trees, or sharp turns then the driver might ask you to meet with your vehicle at a nearby location. This location will have a large parking space so that the carrier can have ample space to load or unload your vehicle conveniently.

Choosing a reliable auto shipping company ensures that your vehicle reaches its destination in Kentucky safely. Once your car is loaded on the truck, they will take care of all the formalities of taking your car from California to Kentucky and you can have peace of mind.

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