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Good news to forwarding thinking materials managers is offered by LoMag. Here is a unique software solution to have all warehousing data at your fingertips. The updated data will be accessible to the warehouse officials as we the management alike.

Possibly you have multiple warehouses. Long would be the right tool to get accurate data including depletion and replenishment rate.This is a simple, intuitive program that requires no special training or skill.

LoMag has acquired many customers in the past, and it is growing. The profile of clients is quite varied.  Trading firms depend on LoMag for updated stock levels as well was seasonal fluctuations. The service companies find this software quite useful for ware house management and resource usage. The updates spare list would be quite handy for the service oriented personnel and service departments.

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The production companies have the access for all manufacturing activities to have an efficient operation. The just in time concept in inventory management would be ideal for increased productivity and profitability.

LoMag software is built on Microsoft SQL Server engine that gives full support for multiuser access simultaneously. You may adapt the system suitable for your application. Like the decimals, some hidden data, formula, etc. is possible.

With LoMag simple Warehouse Management, the Import and export of data from Excel, support of PDF files are easy and fast. You can incorporate seasonal discounts, replenishment rate, and inventory control more efficiently.

Warehouse documentation is organised more efficiently. That includes Invoice Module – documents: VAT, Invoice, Bill, modification of invoices, Performa invoice, etc. without any hassle. The estimating department would be able to give a realistic estimate which would be crucial in clinching a deal.

On the ultimate analysis, you have a cost-effective solution for all the warehousing activities. The free software can be downloaded and upgraded if your expansion demands.

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