How to Land a Job as a Budtender

The job of the budtender is one of the most important and popular cannabis jobs in the industry. A recent survey found that visitors to a dispensary can spend 90{d3062e890491164f57c6904b8479001d983f92b5c4945b7299991e4d3367f513} of their time speaking with the budtender, so it is important for the budtender to be friendly, informative and an excellent communicator. Key to being a success when it comes to bud tending is to be passionate about cannabis and know all the different strains and their effects on the human body. Not only that, customer service is key.

The Number 1 Rule – Know Your Products

 As a budtender, you will need to identify and explain to patients and customers who visit a dispensary what products would be suitable for their needs. You will need to know where each strain was grown, how it was extracted, and the quality of the strain compared to others on offer.

Before applying for an interview to be a budtender, equip yourself with all the products on the dispensaries menu. They will ask you questions on these products, so to appear knowledgeable and engaged, you must answer the interviewer’s questions about a product quickly and confidently. If you can’t learn about all the products, maybe focus on the best-selling products, which can often be identified by reviews on their website or on websites such as Leafly.

Arguably, one of the most common questions asked during an interview iswhat genetics a strain uses. A good answer encompasses the characteristics of the strain such as the taste, smell, medicinal benefits and look that the parent has.

For example, if you were asked about the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies, you would confidently say that it came from OG Kush (which offers an earthy sort of taste and provides a relaxing effect on the user because it is an Indica) and Durban poison (which offers a sweet taste, with a unique high because it is a Sativa). Both strains are well known for pain reduction and the euphoria that is generated. The perfect GSC will have crisp purple leaves, with orange hairs.

To set yourself apart from the competition, maybe do a bit of freestyle, where you go on to explain the genetics of one of the dispensaries best sellers. Do something which shows and highlights your knowledge. At the end of the day, you need to impress your interviewer so that when a customer visits a dispensary, they will also be impressed with you.

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