How Digital Signage Works for Small Businesses

Usually, when people talk about digital or electronic signage, they are referring to the use of digital displays to convey a message or persuade the target audience to purchase particular services or products. Digital signage is quickly gaining traction as a means of communication with messages popping up on the streets, parks, and other public spaces throughout the world. Digital signage is a very affordable form of technology and corporations, government institutions, transit systems, as well as retailers are increasingly coming up with new ways to exploit this technology.

Where Can I Use Digital Signage?

You can use a digital signage platform in virtually any environment — meeting rooms, manufacturing floors, elevator banks, call centers, break rooms, cafeterias, student lounges, lobby receptions, and any network or public space. You can use practically any device that comes with a display. This includes smartphones, RSS displays, and desktops. Keep scrolling through this website to find out different ways you can use a digital signage platform to improve your business.
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What Information Can I Display On A Digital Sign?

What different institutions can use to show on their digital signs is only limited by their imagination and what they can create. For instance, a facility can display traffic and local weather at the end of the day so that guests and employees can use that information to plan their commutes, educational institutions such as colleges and universities can use to develop an interactive wayfinding solution around campus or to remind students about registration dates. A company can use digital signs to let their employees know what’s for lunch, show meeting schedules, and welcome visitors.

Are There Any Limitations To The Displays I Can Use In Digital Signage?

Technically, no. Limits are non-existent when it comes to digital signage. However, the number of media players you use as well as the software application can have an impact on the number of displays you will be able to support. You can distribute the output of any media player to virtually any given number of displays via cable systems, receivers, and transmitters, routers, switchers, as well as signal distribution amplifiers. You can even add endpoints sans player hardware by pushing content to RSS readers and desktops.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Signage?

The advantages of using digital signage are countless. Any form or business, retailing or otherwise, can gain the following advantages from using digital signs.

  • Digital signs are a long term investment with some immediate rewards when compared to print media. Digital signage is timely to keep up with and delivers and better return on investment than printed posters or brochures.
  • If you use digital signage in your store, you are improving your customers’ experience. The use of various digital features and lighting enhances the store décor and display.
  • In the event of an environment with limited space, digital signage helps expand the messaging opportunities.

With digital signage, you have many options and methods of conveying the intended message. Companies are able to better engage with their customers in a personalized manner. This helps maintain long-term relationships with their clients.


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