Four cardinal rules to become a successful trader

Success is very hard to achieve. People don’t really understand the term success. Success doesn’t mean you will have a huge amount of money and stay in paid work. It means you will be an accomplished person in a certain industry. You might lose everything in life but due to your skills, you will be able to gain everything back. Now let’s come to the main topic, the spread betting profession. People always think spread betting is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Since the majority of the brokers leverage trading account, the retail traders easily start making huge money with large volume trading. But soon they blow up their trading account as the outcome of each trade is random. There are a few rules you need to follow strictly to save your investment. Let’s learn about the key rules which will make you a profitable trader.

Learn about yourself

To become a successful person, you must know yourself. Try to list your key strengths and weaknesses. Once you have the list, work on your weaknesses to improve your personal skills and focus on your strengths to enhance your efficiency. Assess your personality since it is the only way which will help you pick your trading system. Those who love intensified workload should become a scalper. On the contrary, those who love to play it safe and focus on consistency should become a position trader. In a nutshell, your personality will define your trading strategy. So if your self-assessment is wrong, you are not going to become a successful trader. Take your time and explore your likes and dislikes. Try to learn more about yourself so that you can craft the best trading strategy based on your personality.

Diversify your risk factors

Success is all about risk management. In spread betting Forex, you will have to continuously assess your risk factors. As a currency trader, always remember the dynamic price movement of the financial instrument. No system in this world can predict the price of a certain asset with 100% accuracy. This is why the theory of probability factors is extensively used by the professional traders. Instead of taking a huge risk in a single trade, you have to learn the proper way of risk diversification. Never put all your eggs in the same basket. If the basket drops, you are going to lose all your eggs. Similarly, never risk all your money in a single trade. Try to use money management to eliminate any threat of losing your investment.

Understanding the importance of higher time frame data

Choosing the higher time frame is one of the best ways to save yourself from false signals. But when you become a higher time frame trader, you have to consider the waiting time for each trade. Some positional traders often have to wait for weeks only to find one good trades. At times it might be months but still, you need to stick to your rules. So patience is must to become a position trader. In fact, you also need value the importance of patience as a short time frame trader.

Developing your personality

As a Forex trader, you need to develop your personality over time. Those who think trading has nothing to do with you personally are making a huge mistake. First of all, try to understand what makes you a good trader. Discipline and your depth of knowledge about this market will be the key factors. In order to become a disciplined trader, you must write down the details of each trade and start executing trades with managed risk. Stop thinking about the low-quality trade setups. Always remember, every action will have an impact on your trading result. So being an aggressive trader means you can’t achieve anything. Start slowly and follow the simple rules of investment business.

Jennifer Winget

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