Advantages of Customised Scaffold Systems

In many cities in the UK, particularly in London, property developers are finding it hard to build due to the lack of space. There is still an unprecedented demand for new buildings, but space is at a premium. The only options they have is to reach for the sky, but when constructing high-rise structures, it is important to work with the right type of equipment.

Here are some of the advantages associated with customised scaffold systems.

Challenging Construction Projects

Most property developers and construction teams are now looking towards expert scaffolding service companies to design bespoke systems to ensure their projects run without a hitch. A project manager wants to find ways of reducing their workload by teaming up with skilled and experienced teams who specialise in scaffold projects.

With space at a premium, construction projects require more elaborate custom designed scaffold to fit into hard to reach areas. That is why professional scaffold design companies are becoming increasing important in today’s market. Standard scaffolding systems just won’t do, many project managers require the services of highly skilled scaffold design teams to help them create systems which will keep their contractors safe and boost productivity.


The biggest benefits of installing customised scaffolding is safety, it protects workers and keeps them safe as they go about their tasks. It also protects property from being damaged, if anything comes loose from a structure, scaffolding helps to keep it in place before someone can get to the area and fix the problem.

A bespoke scaffolding system provides a stable platform for contractors to work at height, it allows them to go about their business without having to venture up and down a ladder every time they need to reach a difficult area. They can also bring their tools and equipment onto the scaffolding without needing to constantly move up and down floors. Scaffolding is an essential piece of apparatus for construction personnel, particularly when they need to work on the exterior of a building.

Convenient Access

Custom made scaffolding designs are perfect for construction workers and tradespeople who need to conduct jobs in hard to reach areas. Sometimes standard scaffold isn’t appropriate for some jobs, that’s why many project managers turn to specialised companies who can design and install modified structures for projects with unique requirements.

Multiple Contractors

If you’ve ever worked on a building site, you’ll know that a wide variety of tradespeople come and go as the project runs along, all these need to finish jobs at a certain deadline, so they need space to work. If 2 or 3 teams are working in the same area, scaffolding can provide ample space for both to work at the same time, it also keeps them safe and provides a storage area.

Customised scaffolding solutions are becoming more and more important in the construction industry, project developers are encountering difficult jobs that require tailor made scaffold to ensure workers are safe on the job. When standard scaffolding systems won’t do, it is advisable to consult with a skilled scaffold design team to create a modified structure.

Jennifer Winget

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