5 Questions to Ask About Your Office Fitout

Planning on redesigning your office space in Perth? Not sure what to consider before construction? When it comes to renovating your office environment, most of your management team will have different ideas about design concepts and workspace, effective communication is vital and senior personnel must be prepared to compromise on certain features. Consider these 5 questions before starting your project.

  1. Have you budgeted accordingly?

It is vital that you sit down with senior company representatives and work out how much money you are prepared to spend on the project, you need to get your finances in order before you start renovating your office space. Your team must consider all the angles, they must carefully evaluate expenses and also work out a timescale.

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  1. Have you considered a timeframe?

A lot of business owners forget to consider a timeframe, they jump straight into construction without assessing the whole project. Refurbishing your office space takes time, it is not something you’ll easily complete in a day. Furthermore, renovations cause delays, even the best design teams can’t help but delay work when they fit a new office refurbishment. You must take this into consideration and plan appropriately so your day to day services don’t suffer too much from your project.

  1. Will your design concept inspire your staff?

Your design concept will ultimately affect your employees more than anyone else, so when creating a plan be sure to listen to their input.If you fit an office that suits their requirements, it will improve their motivation levels, psychological state, and wellbeing. It is important to make your office more than just a place to work, employees should feel at home, appreciated and comfortable in their environment.

  1. Have you informed staff of your plans to renovate?

It is unwise to suddenly spring an office fitout on staff members without first consulting them, and second getting them involved in the planning process. Your employees are the life blood of your organisation and they should be treated accordingly, that means consulting with them over project designs, features, and other factors. You should always include staff in the office fitout, it makes them feel like important, valued members of your organisation, which they surely are.

  1. How are you delegating work?

If you are changing all your office workstations in Perth, along with furniture, partitions and screen dividers, then it would make more sense to contact an expert office fitout service and hire them for the job. Trying to appoint members of staff to renovate your office space is unwise. They’ve no experience of office refurbishments, and you are taking them away from more important business tasks. It is advisable to employ a specialist organisation who can look after every aspect of the project.

Renovating your office work space is no small task, and trying to take on the project using members of staff is ill-advised, there are several high-quality office-fitout teams operating across Perth, so why not search for an experienced company and avail of their services. You’re almost guaranteed a successful project experience.

Jennifer Winget

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