4 Space Saving Solutions For Your Business

If your business has experienced continuous growth in the years since it occupied its current base of operations, the chances are that your space is either pushed to its limits, or is getting to the stage where you need to start thinking outside the box in order to maintain growth, yet retain an orderly and productive workplace. Thankfully, this is not a new problem, and there are a number of ingenious space saving solutions that you can employ to get the most out of your available space, below are four of the best:

Powered Mobile Shelving

Where space really is at a premium, powered mobile shelves are the ultimate solution. Forget having to leave a space between each row of shelves, with powered mobile shelving, you only need a single aisle to serve several rows of shelves. The shelves are mounted on tracks and at the push of a button, will move left or right in unison to create the aisle between the row you need to access. This kind of shelving is obviously more expensive than traditional mobile shelving, due to the additional of a computerised control console and electronic motors, but it’s certainly much cheaper than relocating your business to a larger premises.

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelf units are mounted on a track base, and can be easily moved left or right along the track. This can be a great way to add an additional row of storage whilst still providing access to shelves behind the rolling shelves installation.

Rotary Filing Cabinets

Traditional four draw filing cabinets have long since been standard fare for file storage, but did you know that you could increase storage capacity by an astonishing 200% with the same floor space by switching to rotary filing cabinets? This type of cabinet has an internal storage unit that can be rotated on a vertical axis, allowing files to be stored on both the front and rear of the internal storage unit. This means that files can be accessed much quicker and more efficiently, you also get up to twice as many files in the same space.

Wall Mounted Maxi Bins

If your business uses lots of small parts, that are kept in individual boxes strewn all over the work space, then you could possibly save quite a bit of space and improve productivity at the same time by installing wall mounted maxi bins. These plastic boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, from 400ml upwards. Maxi bins allow quick and easy access to parts whilst maintaining an ordered inventory. Bins are also available in multiple colours, so you can colour code your inventory, this makes picking much more efficient since contents can be identified at a glance. Internal separators are also available which allow you to split bins into four separate compartments. In addition to being wall mountable, maxi bins can also be stacked on top of each other and will lock together via a tongue and groove system.

Jennifer Winget

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