What are the different types of Backlinks?

There are many types of backlinks that have their own importance. From a broader perspective, the backlinks are of three types mainly: the inbound and outbound backlinks and the Self-link. The most used backlink is the inbound one, which is from a very high-quality website. Outbound backlinks are also called external links, as they are links from your website to another. The Self-link links from one page from your website to another page on the same website are not considered of much value as the other two backlinks. Read on to know more. 

  1. Inbound link or natural link:

An inbound link is a link from another website to yours. Inbound backlinks improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website. And to get this specific link is by creating content that people will like. The content can be either through a blog, videos, etc., after the creation of the content; it becomes necessary to share it on social media. Getting Natural backlinks is one of the most acceptable ways to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization. Search engines also use these links to determine the site’s rank. But it is required to buy backlinks high-quality.  

  1.  Other types of backlinks:

Apart from these three, other types of backlinks play a massive part in the website’s SEO. They are Anchor Text, Image, and Social media backlinks. Let’s study them in detail:

  • Anchor text backlinks:

This link is considered one of the essential types of backlinks for a website. When you use a keyword in the anchor text, search engines will grasp what the website is about. Finding an anchor text backlink is easy; you must find a website linking it to yours with your target keyword. The downside to this is that not many high-quality website owners are willing to give you their profile links. 

  • Image Backlinks:

These are the links from another website that link to images from your website. Mostly this is done by inserting an image into a web page and then linking that page back to your site using that image’s HTML code. Image backlinks can be considered as the best type of link-building to improve the SEO of your website, as an image can increase the visibility of your website because when people see an image that is from your site, on some other site, the most obvious conclusion would be them visiting your site. In order to use image backlinks for your website, you have to use images that are in accordance with the website’s content.

  • Social media backlinks:

While sharing content through social media, you must include the link to the website so people can view it.

These are the different types of backlinks, and they are all valuable in their own way and are necessary for the improvement of the Search Engine Optimization’s ranking. In addition, these links also help search engines understand your site, as the latter uses these links to connect between different sites. The more backlinks the website has, the more popular it would be. 

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