Use this secret trick to write more engaging content

Use this secret trick to write more engaging content

You are doing fine with your blog. You are attracting decent traffic every day. You are making sales. But you always feel that there is still more you can do. You tried some tools and realize that people are coming to your blog but are not staying longer. What could be the possible reason?

Your content is not engaging enough

The only reason why people are not spending much time on your website is that your content is not piquing their interest. They might find your blog attractive. They might find your offers attractive and they might find your ads attractive enough to click on them and visit your blog. But they are not finding your content interesting enough to spend time on it.

Why engaging content is necessary

If people start spending more time on your blog and read more content, they would develop more trust with you. If they trust you they would buy from you. Thus, your sales would increase. It is easier to get traffic by using different SEO services[บริการ seo, which is the term in Thai] or posting ads on Facebook or Google. The hard part is to make the visitors stay on your page and develop their faith in you.

Create user personas

To tackle this problem, you must create user personas. All you have to do is to think of an imaginary person. It could be a real person that you may know. Now think of their personality, their education, profession, ambitions and challenges.

What to do next

Now write a content that addresses their ambitions and also provide a solution to their challenges. Keep the tone as required as per their personality. Once you start writing like this, you will realize that you are writing content that in a more conversational manner. You can instruct people to do things and it would sound friendly.

You can create a connection with your users and they would also feel more connected to you.