To Make it Easy, Think of Assembly Line!

Cobots provide finishing touch on Ford Fiesta assembly line

Remind me of how to solve a difficult task again; that’s right! First, you’ll have to break it into as many steps as possible, then you start with the easiest, solving the problems one after the other, step by step until the task is completed! Easy right?

Well, this is not so different from what a manufacturing industry does. In case you have ever wondered how things are made: laptops, phones, cars, computers, bicycles, dishwasher, hairdryers, etc., then keep reading!

In a factory, the entire production process is broken down into various segments. Each segment is first completed before moving over to the next until it gets to the last section where you have your finished product. This process is known as Assembly Line.

Simply put, Assembly line is a production process where parts or segments of a product are completed in a sequence. All the pieces are put together, step by step to produce a finished product. The machine does all the work; human beings are just there to program the machines and make sure things go as planned.

Here’s how production is made easy with the assembly line:

Speed: The production process is fast as more goods can be produced within a short period.

Efficiency: Production is efficient as these machines are programmed to do their job. So you don’t always have to worry about your employee forgetting to tighten a bolt, or applying too much paint; the machines will do it just fine!

However, this concept can be applied in homes and offices as well, not just at the factory. Instead of doing the bulk of the work all by yourself, you can split it into tiny bits and have people complete a specific task at a time until the job is done, problem solved!

So next time you want to simplify the complication, think of the Assembly line!

Jennifer Winget

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