Pros and cons of travel insurance

Many a time and often it has been witnessed that risk surrounds every corner of a man’s life while traveling aboard. Most prominently the factors of risk issues arise while traveling abroad or towards foreign countries. Any person who has inculcated a habit for traveling will surely cope up with all such risks. These risks include heath distortions, mental instability as well as facing financial problems. Thus to uphold all such risks and failures, travel agencies have infested travel insurances for many of its clients. These insurances cited by the travel agencies assures that during risks or crisis for any of the travelers the travel insurance would come up with all sorts of financial burdens assuring to bring the traveler back home safely. Thus further the article elongates on the major pros and cons of inclined on traveler opting for a travel insurance


The medical acclimations travel insurance assures

This is the most legitimized point about travel insurance. The biggest of the advantages a traveler thinks before investing in travel insurance is the medical facilities it offers. Travel insurance at any point of mishappenings or serious medical conditions works the best. The investment made in the travel insurance make up for the cost of the medical expenditures as well as ensures the full safety of the client. Thus because of this factor frequent travelers often opt to buy a travel insurance

Travel insurance offers trip cancellation returns

This is another major factor that travel insurance cover. This could be added to the biggest of the advantage of it. Any sort of travel insurance covers tactical factors like trip cancellation. With this type of travel insurance clients or frequent travelers can get ensured with a trip cancellation facility which at all assures the return of the half price of the tour package. Whenever a traveler cancels a trip due to some surge of medical emergencies if already opted for trip cancellation travel insurance can get at least half the price back from the full tour package.

Travel insurance assures a sense of security and saves money in the long run

This stands as another of the sole major advantages of any type of travel insurance. Travel insurance with all its claims assures full safety to all its clients and travelers. More to the fact is that if investments are made larger in any particular travel insurance then financial crisis could also be solved while flying aboard. Travel insurance company like Hong Leong Insurance assures that at any particular time if their client faces a financial crisis while staying aboard, their investment would be utilized to ensure their safety back home as well as if possible immediate money transaction into their accounts.


Travel insurances are sometimes quite costly

This is another bit of a fit for the maximum of the travel insurance. The reason for the fact is that average travelers find travel insurance to be quite costly. As already investing a lot in the tour packages, the cost of the travel insurances gets upon the nerve of many travelers and thus many opt not to go for it. Another fact is that many travel insurance doesn’t have the option of EMIs or monthly payments. This brings more hardship for the average number of travelers to opt for certain travel insurance.

Coverage may overlap

This is another of the fact why the maximum of the travelers doesn’t go for the option of buying travel insurance. The reason for the fact is that travel insurance is a long time investment and it only offers guaranteed returns if the traveler faces any sort of accidental mishappenings or death. Under circumstances of natural death while abroad the return from such investments would be zero. More to the fact is that travel insurance doesn’t return even half of the money if the travelers don’t meet with any such kind of mishaps. Thus this formulates to be the biggest disadvantage of travel insurance and also claims zero return on investments.

Complex terms and conditions

This is another of the biggest cons of travel insurance. The reason behind the fact is that many sorts of travel insurance offer with quite complicated terms and policies. This formulates many of the travelers not to opt for such. The fact withstands is that different travel insurance covers different types of mishappenings. Some cover plane crash while the other covers mental instability or medical unfitness. It’s quite often hard to find all sorts of mishaps signified under one such banner of travel insurance. Thus this confuses the traveler and many opt not to go for such thinking it to be quite a larger investment. These terms and conditions if could have been simplified and if numerous mishaps could have been assured under one banner would bring more positive responses for travel insurances.

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