Navigating the adult entertainment world post Covid

Navigating the adult entertainment world post Covid

Government response to Covid-19 is arguably the worst disaster to hit mankind in the 21st century. Countless people were deserted and lives destroyed from government imposed lockdowns, arguably more lives were lost from this horrendous government policy than as direct result of Covid 19. This disastrous government policy would not only hurt human interaction but more importantly cripple the economy destroying small business while the mega corporations flourished from government handouts and exemptions. It will take some time for something such as the adult entertainment industry to fully recover even as we emerge tentatively out of the government led health tyranny.

Strip clubs are part of that multi-billion adult entertainment industry that supports a lot of women and families adversely affected by government restrictions. Strip clubs are also marginalised – a fact that became glaringly obvious when club owners discovered that the financial relief efforts that were being launched throughout Australia did not apply to them. 

The hardest hit people in the industry itself were the strippers. They went from making hundreds of dollars a day to nothing. Now that strip clubs are open, they need customers to support them and help them stay open, especially with the health and social-distancing regulations that they have been forced to adhere to. If ever there was a time to be “woke” about female body politics it would be now and men should be allowed to appreciate a beautiful naked woman. We have to start looking at strippers in a different light and maybe treat them as we would treat anyone choosing to do a certain kind of job – check your biases and moral judgement at the door and enter the 21st century. 

Stripping has put people through college, it has helped buy homes, start businesses and realise dreams. We have culturally evolved to a point where women have decided to take ownership of their bodies and are free to do with them whatever they want to do with them. 

As we perhaps start to escape government tyranny, we can help rebuild our local economies by supporting small, local businesses – and that includes the local strip clubs.

Pay local strippers well. Don’t be that guy who comes in a club nurses one drink for a long time and just watches a parade of women dancing on stage. That’s more like loitering. If you don’t have money, you have no business being in a strip club. Understand that those performers don’t get a basic salary, in fact they have to pay the club for the privilege to be able to perform. Even if you don’t end up getting a lap dance, you should tip. A tip shows that you appreciate the kindness that you’ve received, the attention and conversation however meaningless it was.  

There are a few other points you need to keep in mind though. None of them are outrageous out-of -this world ideas. They are normal things that are just what a decent person would do :

  • Pay the dancers for their performances just like you would pay anyone for their service. They work hard to perfect their moves for your pleasure.
  • If you don’t have the money, have the decency to move to the back and allow those with money to get the best seats in the house.
  • Don’t yell or heckle. It’s just plain rude.  
  • Be polite. Ask the dancer for a dance and establish before-hand how much it will cost you.
  • Do not ask for sex. Strip  clubs are not brothels.
  • Time is money, so, even when all you want is a conversation – do it with money.  
  • Her name is Peaches, that’s what she wants you to call her. Don’t ask her for her real name.
  • Don’t ask her for a real date or to meet up with her after work. There are dating apps for that.
  • Don’t linger, it’s creepy. Start heading home when your wallet dries up. 

That’s it! Get back to the swing of things but remember, throw off that mask and drink up at your local strip club.

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