Branding In Digital Marketing

If I had to answer you in a subjective way to this question, I would say branding. My mind is creative; I like to conceptualize ideas, shape, and implement them.

But being honest and realistic, being able to measure and optimize that idea is almost as important as having and executing it. And I say “almost as important” because I am not objective, I have already told you that mine is creativity

But before going into the matter and being able to answer this question with discretion, we will do a quick review of both concepts. Admittedly you sound much more Branding than Performance, and the latter has become fashionable relatively recently.

Although, in reality, it has always been there in one way or another, only it did not have a name so cool that it was defined by colleagues.

What is branding?

Branding is an anglicism that gives its name to the process to รับ ทําการ ตลาด ออนไลน์ (which is the term in thai) and  building a brand. Tangible and intangible components come into play in this matter. The first are those that make the brand visual, such as its color, its slogan, its typography, a specific corporate style


And the intangible elements are those such as values, the attributes that form the DNA of a brand, everything that positions it, and makes it recognizable in people’s minds.

Basic example: Coca-cola = red, happiness, freshness

To get started in the world of (good) branding, I recommend you read “The book of brands” of the great Wally Olins. I have it as a maximum bible. It is complete and digestible, as well as very visual. Surely you love it.

And if you want to know why it is essential to make an Inbound Marketing strategy, which can enter into the Branding strategy, I recommend this post.

Jennifer Winget

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